Global Clinical Supply Storage and Distribution

Quick delivery. Faster access to relief for patients.

Optimizing the supply chain by reducing time to market.

At CCPS, we understand your business needs and the importance of meeting timelines. Whether it is an initial order or a resupply, CCPS is your trusted partner to reduce costs, shorten cycle time and ensure product quality.


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secure Warehouse Storage

CCPS offers extensive global storage for ambient, refrigerated and frozen material (15 – 25°C, 2 – 8°C, -20°C, and -70°C) as well as a separate controlled substance storage vault  (Schedule I-V). 

The security of your clinical trial materials is of the utmost importance, and all of our storage environments are monitored continuously via electronic recorders that are incorporated into our alarm systems.  Our state-of-the-art ERP offers robust inventory management to help ensure accuracy and prevent delays in order fulfillment. 

dependable LOGISTICs & delivery

CCPS expertly handles all the details and logistics of shipping clinical trial material across six continents around the world, including transportation charges, documentation, customs clearance, duties and taxes.

Our two GMP Operations Centers located in the US and UK process over 2,000 shipments for over 200 protocols in any given month.  CCPS also has an extensive network of depots around the world for maximum delivery speed and cost effectiveness. For more information, please see our Facilities page.

Avoiding costly delays in your program is paramount.

We have optimized our logistics processes to expedite delivery while mitigating risk at every step in the supply chain through:

Quality and security monitoring
to ensure product integrity and minimize the risk of counterfeits from procurement through delivery to your trial site.

Temperature control at every step
— throughout our facility as well as during transit— to comply with each product’s unique temperature requirements.

Rapid processing of shipments
—same day shipping is available for all clinical supply requests with all shipments double verified before each box is sealed.

Careful auditing of third-party couriers
by our QP to ensure compliance with our quality standards, including temperature control, monitoring, and documentation.

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