Our Story: CalCog’s Commitment to Improving the Delivery of Life-Changing Therapies

CalCog’s rich history is rooted in supporting the clinical supply chain.

Ushering an investigational medicinal product (IMP) through clinical trial development is a complex endeavor. You need to achieve development milestones on time and on budget, often overcoming physical and regulatory barriers while simultaneously responding to shifting timelines.

For more than 27 years, CalCog has dedicated ourselves to supporting innovators’ clinical trial supply chain needs, including clinical packaging and labeling, kit and label design services, global warehousing and distribution, and comparator and commercial drug sourcing.

Our rich history supporting the clinical supply chain began in 1996. For decades, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Caligor Rx and The Coghlan Group shared the vision of helping deliver life-saving therapies to patients in need. In 2017, the two organizations combined forming CalCog.

Since our merger in 2017, we have made significant investments and changes to our operational model to improve our level of service, quality, and competitiveness in the market. These include:

In 2023, we decided to update our branding to demonstrate our commitment to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical trial supply chain and emphasize our core service offering: clinical supply services.

In addition to our clinical supply experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on our dedication to designing a clinical supply strategy based on your program’s unique needs and challenges while remaining flexible and deploying strategies quickly.

We have the infrastructure, expertise, and quality management systems of a large clinical supply company, yet the production flexibility and responsiveness of a small company. These attributes enable us to be a key resource for a range of small to medium size pharma and biotech companies.

CalCog is dedicated to optimizing the clinical trial supply chain, helping to speed the delivery of life-changing therapeutic innovations to patients around the world.

Leverage CalCog’s 27 years of clinical trial packaging, labeling, warehousing, and distribution expertise to advance your clinical trial.